Love Is Love

I feel I was blessed to become the parent of LGBTQ twins, the core centre of an unspeakable joy that came into my life when they did.

As they grew into wonderful young human beings, that joy was very quickly accompanied by a deep sense of dread and foreboding for two kind and sweet little humans, just trying to find their place in a society that (to them) just wants to hate them out of existence.

My son Ayden was only just 14 years old ..he was just trying to get an education when he was bullied out of living socially groomed religious hate-filled homophobic bigotry and a systemic failure by the education authorities to protect our LGBTQ children at school.

I understand that you can’t beat hate with hate (it likes it) for me, hating them back feels like surrender, my own personal faith in human good ..could never do that. So, we (Ayden’s family and friends) set about lawfully and peacefully trying to change things for the better.

So many good people stepped up to support the call for an ‘Ayden’s Law’.adl3

Ayden’s Law – We did indeed have some wonderful support, but also, sadly, many broken promises by those we trusted. However, on this agonising journey, we had managed to change many minds and social policies along the way, that helped to bring about some of the positive changes happened for our LGBTQ children trying to get an education with fear, offering us some hope that his tragic death was not in vein.

Since Ayden’s death in 2013, we have worked hard to make sure that real change is on the way ..there is so much more to say, just give us time, we’ll get there, Ayden’s family Good Bless