My Personal PTSD Management Tool List.

I’m developing this page, so do pop back for updates. There will be links to products I use or recommend, that help me manage my Civilian Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

They’ll also be links to products I’d like to see developed ‘PTSD bespoke’ versions of .

Before we get started, must make a few things clear and there are some rules.

1/ PTSD CAN KILL! No one patient is the same, there is no ‘one glove fits all’. It is, first and foremost ‘a medical condition’ that can, if not properly treated, trigger and exacerbate life-threatening medical and mental health conditions.

2/ I’m a patient NOT a Doctor ..who is the ONLY PERSON who should be diagnosing/establishing/managing/changing your PTSD treatment, ever.

3/ I manage my PTSD medical condition with the support of my NHS medical professional care team.

a/ I develop my own (drug-free) PTSD management tools.


b/ I work (for free) with product makers to develop PTSD friendly versions of their products, to what are in fact ..millions of civilian PTSD managers ..sorry, potential customers.

c/ I work to help educate the NHS on what really helps our Civilian PTSD kind.

4/ Free is always welcome, however, there can be no sponsor on this page. Sorry, this page is only for what I know works specifically for me and my PTSD.

That said, whilst we are all very different, we do have some things in common and I want to use this page to share (with others like me) information about ‘what really helps’ me to manage my PTSD.

“In general, I must always manage what stimulants go into my body, for example from caffeine, sugar, processed foods to drugs and alcohol, as all of these things impact my ability to manage an incurable adrenaline dysfunction disorder, that randomly or when triggered, turns everything up to 10 or down to below zero, in a heartbeat. When managing a PTSD episode, I must manage how I emotionally feel, but also, my body temperature, what I see, smell, hear and physically feel, with all that in mind, I hope it  helps to make sense of all of the following.” Shy 

My PTSD wishes Shapemaster’s daily ‘Power Assisted Exercise’ was NHS prescribed.


My PTSD likes to know (even see and speak to) who is at the door ‘before’ I open it.

foscam-fi9821p-bannerMy PTSD would love it, if the NHS prescribed these to our PTSD kind.

My PTSD needs sunshine, even when the sun doesn’t shine.

sad banner

Kitchen Garden – I use ‘Weapons Of Mass Distraction’ to help me manage my PTSD.ptsdgarden

I use many ‘Weapons Of Mass Distraction’ to help me manage my PTSD, like art.


About my PTSD Mobility.kubi2

My PTSD likes to know who is on the phone before I answer it.


An Aroma Diffuser helps me manage what my PTSD can smell.

diffWhen my PTSD needs me to control my body temperature fast.


Music – More brilliant ‘Weapons Of Mass Distraction’ to help me manage my PTSD.


My PTSD fully supports Civilian PTSD Service Dogs.

CPTSD dogsFor when my PTSD needs me to manage what I see & hear.


The future of managing what my PTSD can see & hear.


My hyper sensitive PTSD skin doesn’t like products or mossy bites, so I use Bybite.